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Q. What can I use to write on your markers and labels?

A. Pencils work very well, and are erasable. If you are looking for permanent, we suggest using a permanent laundry marker. Some of our customers have stated that “Sharpie” markers are what they have found work nicely. The surface of our markers and labels is textured, so the ink will actually go into the marker and not wipe off. The ink may lighten over time due to weather conditions.

Q. I am a consumer, where can I find your product?

A. Since we sell through our distributors, we do not have a listing of greenhouses and garden centers that sell our product. If you are unable to find our product, and unable to buy through our distributors, please contact us.

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Q. May I purchase directly from you?

A. All sales are through our distributors. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Q. The distributor I buy from does not carry the products I want. How can I obtain these products?

A. Ask your distributor to place a “drop ship” order for you, and we can ship it directly from the factory: your billing is from the distributor.

Q. Do you have a question not answered in this section , contact us.

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