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L-5 Pot labels,5" long x 5/8" wide,10 Colors

Available Colors

Available in:
L-5-W1000 bulk 5" white pot labels /box
L-5-Y1000 bulk 5" yellow pot labels /box
L-5-R1000 bulk 5" red pot labels /box
L-5-G1000 bulk 5" green pot labels /box
L-5-B1000 bulk 5" blue pot labels /box
L-5-P1000 bulk 5" pink pot labels /box
L-5-O1000 bulk 5" orange pot labels /box
L-5-L1000 bulk 5" lavender pot labels /box
L-5-S1000 bulk 5" silver pot labels /box
L-5-T1000 bulk 5" tan pot labels /box

This is a mixed box that contains 100 pieces each of all 10 colors

All pot labels are 5/8" wide

Clean  Neat  Re-usable

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